Calling the Nation to Pray – Day of Prayer/Repentance


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Dear Friends,
Today, we awake to a nation in crisis. We have once again reached the Red Sea, and only our Mighty God is able to help us cross over and reach the other side.

1.House GOP to push Obama, Biden into Obamacare – Washington Times

2. ‘So much wrong’: Aetna CEO blasts Obamacare tech debacle – CNBC

3. Fitch warns it may cut U.S. credit rating from AAA – Reuters

4. House postpones vote on GOP plan to end shutdown, raise debt limit – Washington Examiner

5. Social Security benefit increase could be among lowest in decades – Fox News

When life is spinning out of control, we must turn to the One who is in control

. . . to Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord. He is our anchor, our Shield, and the Rock of our Salvation. Amen. Upon Him and upon Him only will we find our peace, our comfort, our direction, and the wisdom to guide our days. . .

Through a corporate time of fasting, prayer and repentance, we invite our Lord to be present with us in an even greater measure, for all acts of wickedness . . . born of the flesh . . . must then yield to the power of the Holy Spirit of the Most High God.

The problems in our nation are spiritual. We will never be able to overcome the obstacles and challenges unless we call on Almighty God for assistance. Like our Founding Fathers and former Presidents such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, we need to declare a National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance.

Thursday, October 17, 2013:A Day to Repent, Fast and Pray for our Nation

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners and the National Day of Repentance join in calling our nation to a day of fasting, prayer and repentance tomorrow, Thursday, October 17th . . . to see our land freed from the grip of tyranny, our freedoms secured, and our Congress moving forward to complete its appointed business.
In the Hebrew numbering system, the number 17 is the number for VICTORY!
So, on the 17th of this month, let’s come together to declare VICTORY for the United States of America . . . and for healing for all who have been wounded by this battle.
Thank You, Lord! You are always right on time!
Petition for Government to Enact a National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance
Our God is a God of miracles! This morning, our friends at the National Day of Repentance have drawn our attention to a Petition for Government to Enact a National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance.

This petition will be sent to Senator Ted Cruz and to Senator Marco Rubio It reads: “We call on you to agree with the People of the United States to seek God and State this prayer with urgency and sincerity all across our land.”
This petition, written by Debra Monterosso, deserves our support, in prayer and in action. We urge all of you to take a moment and to go to this site to see and to sign Debra’s petition.

To read the prayer from the National Day of Repentance, go here.

Pass it on!

After signing this petition, we invite you to invite others to do the same . . . let’s pass this on until thousands are in prayer, fasting and repentance before our Lord to see a breakthrough in the hearts of those who govern our land. May they cease their wrangling and find common ground of understanding, wisdom, and anointing to govern according to the will of God, and not of man. Amen.

– Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP)

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP) welcomes all who wish to join us in prayer for our governmental leaders, and for Israel, asking that “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)
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