Merry Christmas from KSCE

We’ve been broadcasting, sharing hope and good news of God’s love for over 25 Years. And all this time you our wonderful viewers have supported this station through financial contribution without which we couldn’t continue. We would like to thank you for your generosity during our recent telethon, and each of you who have so … Read More

ksceMerry Christmas from KSCE

Movie of Week


12/14 7PM – Saint Street Repeats 12/20 1PM 12/21 7PM – Mr. Scrooge to See You Repeats 12/27 1PM 12/28 9 PM – The Winter Stallion Repeats 1/3 1PM 1/4 7PM – The Wheel of Knowing Repeats 1/10 1PM

ksceMovie of Week

Our Shows

Our desire is to air programming that inspires and engages you to interact with God’s heart for you. If there is a show you would like us to air you can submit your ideas by clicking here. Click Schedule for Larger Size.

ksceOur Shows

Morris Cerullo Prophecy Special – This Friday at 8PM & Sunday at 9PM


In this riveting Worldwide Prime Time One Hour Television Special, internationally renowned Author, Evangelist and Teacher, Dr. Morris Cerullo reveals the single, clear, undeniable sign in the light of current events of the impending return of Jesus Christ. A must see! Watch it this Friday (11/28)  at 8PM  & Sunday (11/30) at 9PM.

ksceMorris Cerullo Prophecy Special – This Friday at 8PM & Sunday at 9PM

Happy Thanksgiving!


We’re so thankful for you! We pray God’s blessing over you in this season. Your prayers and your financial support are so vital to this ministry. You are such a blessing to us here and we are so looking forward to the exciting things the Father is going to do through us together throughout the … Read More

ksceHappy Thanksgiving!