Divorce Rates Among Churchgoers Much Lower


Many people over time have spread the idea that the divorce rate among churchgoers is just as bad as outside the church. A new study disproves that notion and shows it is much lower. Harvard-trained researcher Shaunti Feldhahn went on a search for the truth and discovered the facts about divorce among the Church. Head over to CBN News for … Read More

ksceDivorce Rates Among Churchgoers Much Lower

Meriam Ibrahim Released


Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother who was condemned to die for her Christianity, has been released from prison. Her sentence has been overturned by an appeals court and she will go free according to her lawyer. While she was in prison she gave birth to a daughter, and was jailed with her toddler son. Read … Read More

ksceMeriam Ibrahim Released

Presbyterian Church USA Votes Yes On Gay Marriage


The Presbyterian Church USA has voted to allow gay marriage. They voted on Thursday to redefine Christian marriage as the union of “two people” and not just “a man and a woman.” The group will also allow pastors to preside over gay weddings in every state where same-sex marriage is legal. Head over to CBN … Read More

kscePresbyterian Church USA Votes Yes On Gay Marriage

Ben Carson Talks Presidential Aspirations


Ben Carson recently discussed his presidential aspirations. Will he be making a bid to run for president in 2016? In addition to running for president he also discussed being politically correct, the federal budget, the National Prayer Breakfast speech, the Democrat and Republican parties, the United States Constitution, and Christian persecution in America. Head on over to … Read More

ksceBen Carson Talks Presidential Aspirations

Happy Father’s Day


Psalm 103:13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him A good father is an integral part of the family unit. We bless all Father’s and pray each one of you has an amazing Father’s day. For those who have lost a Father we pray … Read More

ksceHappy Father’s Day